n8webOut of the landscape of rural Bovill, Idaho Nate Main began an artistic journey that led him into the field of drafting and then graphic design. The drive to pursue a more artistic career was realized when figure drawing teacher and accomplished illustrator, Dave Clemons, suggested Nate attend art school.

With this encouragement, Nate struck out for San Francisco where he focused on illustration at the Academy of Art University and then to Encinitas, CA where he furthered his drawing, painting, and sculpting knowledge at Watts Atelier.

A chance foray into the wind industry landed Nate back in the Pacific Northwest. There in Dayton, Washington he made his daily 200 foot climb up a wind turbine to work as a service technician. Yet after some time Nate felt compelled to return to more creative endeavors and soon found himself on the other side of the country in Charlottesville, VA, where he secured a job as a Designer at Cardboard Safari.

Nate employed both artistic and technical skills at Cardboard Safari, designing a variety of products, some of which include; Tex the Longhorn, Merlin the Unicorn, Vince the Skull, Jack the Human Mask, the Pumpkin Wreath, the Rocket Table, and the Ray Gun.

The journey continues as Nate has made his way back to sunny Encinitas, CA where you will find him engaged in freelance illustration, and fine art.